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Daily Prayer for President Trump

Daily Prayer for President Trump


Let us pray for the president of the United States Donald Trump. That your light, Lord Jesus Christ, may constantly shine on him. In that way, his motives and actions may become transparent to all people.


Therefore, those who for one reason or another may be inclined to follow him and defend blindly, may no longer follow him based on the new information they get from your revelation; and that those who for whatever reason may be inclined to reject him and attack him blindly, may begin to acknowledge his good will, if he is in fact benevolent.


That Donald Trump’s true relationship with Vladimir Putin may be revealed openly and clearly, so that all Americans can choose to support him or oppose him based on facts.


That if he chooses to serve satan by lying (John 8:44) to the American people, his own lies will circle around and ensnare him. That the more he lies the more he will trip, and the more he tells the truth, the more you will up lift him up Lord. We pray this in your Holy Name Jesus Christ. Amen!

Let Jesus be our guide!